Viridis Security

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Viridis Security Mission Statement

At Viridis Security, we’re dedicated to streamlining security compliance for companies, empowering them to focus on innovating and lighting the world with groundbreaking ideas and technologies.

We champion the spirit of collaboration, shifting away from adversarial approaches to foster swifter, impactful decision-making that improves overall security resilience. Our genuine passion lies in safeguarding people’s information, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to trust and integrity.

Our unwavering stance against workplace toxicity is a testament to our belief that unparalleled achievements arise from diverse teams lead with empathy, joy, and inclusive leadership.

Linda Brown,
Founder of Viridis Security

A seasoned leader with an unparalleled passion for excellence, Linda Brown brings a wealth of experience in both cybersecurity and customer success to Viridis Security. As a certified (CISSP) professional, she has an extensive track record of creating and overseeing robust cybersecurity infrastructures in hyper-growth environments. Linda’s expertise spans not just the technical side of information security but also the strategic implementation of governance programs and large-scale SaaS applications. Her career is adorned with notable achievements, such as instituting comprehensive Information Security and Governance programs from scratch and steering organizations to certification. As founder of Viridis Security, Linda’s steadfast commitment to cybersecurity excellence forms the bedrock of our promise to deliver uncompromised and cutting-edge solutions to our clients. In Viridis, Linda envisions a cyber-secure future where technology serves as an enabler, not a barrier, seamlessly integrating into everyday lives while ensuring utmost protection.

Genesis & Symbolism of Viridis

The name “Viridis,” which means “green” in Latin, was born out of a collaboration between founder Linda Brown and her husband, with a little help from domain availability searches on GoDaddy. Its significance resonates deeply with the company’s ethos, as in the realm of risk and compliance, being in the “green” is always the coveted position, signifying stability and safety. Crafting the visual identity posed a unique challenge: it needed to exude both femininity and strength. Eschewing the conventional dark and lock-centric themes dominating security branding, Linda envisioned a distict bright, white background for the Viridis website. It was through the magic of generative AI, and the creative ingenuity of a close friend and her team, that the inspiration of the Valkyries emerged. The Valkyries, legendary Norse warrior maidens, became the muse for the wing-like motif in the “v” of Viridis. For Linda, a proud female founder, it was imperative that Viridis’ branding epitomized the fusion of feminine grace and relentless strength.