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Crafting Organization Risk Appetite Statements

An effective risk appetite statement does more than outline the thresholds of risk acceptance. It serves as a strategic document that aligns with an organization’s mission, vision, and strategic direction.
Automated Compliance tools are only as good as the people that wield them. Without Information Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance experience, you risk being overconfident in your control environment.
Part 2 tutorial for the google form based vendor assurance tracker for third party vendor management
CMMC Level 1 details and download of compliance checklist. FCI, CUI, FAR, NIST 800-171
CMMC Level 1 over and top 10 list FCI, CUI, FAR, NIST 800-171
What is the SOC 2? Who need a SOC 2? What does a SOC 2 Cover? Why SOC 2 over ISO 27001, PCI, GDPR