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Join forces with Viridis, your steadfast co-pilot

Starting down the path to stronger security and compliance might feel daunting, especially for small companies where resources are scarce. At Viridis, we understand these challenges and stand firm in our belief that continuous compliance tools, paired with vCISO expertise, pave the smoothest path to secure and compliant operations, allowing your enterprise to sail steadily towards its core objectives, with less turbulence.

Simple and Flexible Pricing: Navigating your financial commitments should be hassle-free. We’ll collaborate to anchor down the tool that aligns seamlessly with your budget and compliance demands. 

Why Embark on Automated Compliance with Viridis?

Save Time & Money on Audits

Automated Compliance tools partner with auditors for faster and less expensive audits.

Automated Compliance Proof Delivery

Set sail with technology that efficiently handles compliance evidence, keeping your journey unhindered.

Swiftly Seal Deals

Bypass or simplify complex security questionnaire requirements, ensuring a faster, smoother journey to closing deals.

Established Vendor Assurance Program Framework

Sail confidently understanding and tracking any third party risk.

Why Pair Your Journey with vCISO Services from Viridis?

Guidance in Choosing the Right Tools

Ensure your toolkit is shipshape for the journey ahead.

Affordable Expertise

Access top-tier CISO expertise without the weight of employee costs or risk of turnover.

Risk Management Assistance

Navigate the waters of risk management with seasoned vCISO experts by your side.

Future-Ready Security Improvement Plans

Chart a course for not just present security enhancements, but also future upgrades, as you work towards obtaining and maintaining essential certifications.

Embark on Your Security Journey
with Our Tailored Packages

Navigate the terrain of compliance and security with Viridis as your trusted guide. Choose from our three tailored packages, each designed to meet you at your current position and accompany you to your desired destination. Our virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) contribute their extensive knowledge and expertise, ensuring your expedition towards enhanced security and compliance is smooth, strategic, and successful. Frameworks: SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI, HITRUST, CMMC and more.

Explore the paths below to find the one that aligns with your journey:

Explorer Package

Set Sail with Confidence

Ideal For: Small startups without immediate compliance deadlines. 

Journey Details: Embark on a voyage to a stronger security posture. This package includes the setup of a Continuous Compliance Monitoring tool, an assessment against one framework, and a tailored plan for the continuous enhancement of your security program, complete with additional tool suggestions. Embark on the path of continuous security improvement with the Explorer Package.

Voyager Package

Navigate Your Compliance Journey

Ideal For: Small startups with immediate compliance deadlines.

Journey Details: Take the helm with confidence as you navigate towards certification using automated compliance. The Voyager package guides your journey with compliance project management, scheduled progress calls, penetration testing, and auditor facilitation, guiding you swiftly to your compliance goals.

Navigator Package

Chart the Course to Compliance Mastery

Ideal For:  Businesses with aggressive compliance targets and limited internal expertise.

Journey Details: Set sail towards comprehensive compliance with the Navigator Package. Offering full vCISO services, this package is designed for companies facing ongoing compliance pressures and maintenance requirements for a larger number of employees. 

All the services listed below are accessible across all package levels. The extent of hands-on assistance from our vCISO intensifies corresponding to the time allocated in your chosen package.

  1. Expert Assessment & Guidance: Review your current tech stack, data flows, and security initiatives to provide tailored advice.
  2. Solution Selection & Implementation: Assist in choosing, procuring, and deploying automated compliance solutions tailored to your needs.
  3. Security Evaluations: Conduct initial and periodic security assessments to ensure continued alignment with best practices.
  4. Security Program Roadmap: Propose a strategic path for security projects, pinpointing and addressing identified gaps.
  5. Customer Query Support: Aid in responding to security questionnaires and other customer inquiries.
  6. Insights on Tools, Regulation & Strategy: Offer expert opinions on the latest security tools, regulatory changes, and strategic positioning.
  7. Policy Realignment: Update policies to mirror your risk appetite, control mechanisms, and compliance objectives.
  8. Process Creation & Refinement: Establish and fine-tune processes to align with compliance mandates.
  9. Security Awareness Training: Design, implement, and adjust training modules to keep your team informed and vigilant.
  10. Regular Security Check-Ins: Conduct recurring discussions with management to review and optimize security strategies.
  11. Audit Preparation: Review and organize control evidence in anticipation of compliance checks or audits.
  12. Penetration Testing Guidance: Advise on selecting penetration testing tools/vendors and addressing any identified vulnerabilities. 
  13. Emergency Preparedness: Develop and test security incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery protocols with key stakeholders. Business Continuity & Business Resilience. 
  14. Privacy Alignment: Address specific privacy requirements based on your data handling and customer demographics. GDPR, CCPA.